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Field number
Escobaria missouriensis v. asperispina 
Escobaria sp.  
Escobaria organensis  
Escobaria organensis  
Escobaria sp.  
Escobaria tuberculosa 12 miles East of Van Horn, USA
Escobaria vivipara v. alversonii29 Palms, California, USA
Escobaria runyonii 4 miles East of Laredo, Texas, USA
Escobaria sp. 7 miles from Viesca, Coahuila, Mexicó
Escobaria vivipara Albany County, Wyoming, USA 2150m
Escobaria vivipara Alberta / Sakatschewan, Canada
Escobaria sp. along river South of Ciudad Lerdo, Durango, Mexicó
Escobaria missouriensis v. marstoniiAntelope Valley, Arizona, USA 1600m
Escobaria chaffeyi Arteaga, Coahuila, Mexicó
Escobaria missouriensis Arthur County, Nevada, USA 900m
Escobaria vivipara Arthur County, Nevada, USA 900m
Escobaria asperispina Ascencion, Nuevo Leon, Mexicó
Escobaria missouriensis v. asperispinaAscension, Nuevo Leon, Mexicó 2000m
Escobaria chihuahuensis Basaseachic, Chihuahua, Mexicó
Escobaria sp. base of South side of mountains, Parras, Coahuila, Mexicó

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